Introversion is back! (Promo)

After a 10 year hiatus, at long last… is back. What exactly is I like to describe it as: AUDIO / VISUAL BLOG EXPERIENCE. Unlike most bloggers, I’m not a writer at heart. (In fact, I hate writing.) I’m a designer. A motion graphics artist. An illustrator. A photographer. A filmmaker. A music producer. So… I created as a means to:

  1. tell the story of my life on a daily basis,
  2. experiment with design, animation, music, video, art, and interactive techniques,
  3. have a censorship-free platform to express my views as they continually evolve,
  4. recommend everything (films, music, apps, gadgets, services, whatever) that has enriched my life in some form, and
  5. have the opportunity to connect with people like you… curious souls who wish to not only understand life, but thoroughly enjoy it.

All that being said, I invite you to visit to experience the site for yourself.

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