Home (An Animated Poem)

HOME (An Animated Poem)

I wish I could be chillin’ In a forest full of friends  No laws, no government No jobs, no school, no rent  Just living free, climbing trees  With old and young  Feeling like we are one  Not a day going by  Without a smile and a laugh  With friendship all around  The closest friends on earth What shall we do today? Build a house or simply play  Making things out of clay  Following our own way  Not forced into a corner  Like rats in a cage  Separated in our boxes Where we exist until old age I can only dream of a home  But dreaming is where it starts  My imagination is my weapon  And my tools are the arts  Somehow I will change my life And find the love I seek  With friends who search for a new world too  Because reality is looking bleak.

Poem by Chiori Bennett.

Animation by Jay Kaslo.

Music: “Memories” by bensound.com

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